Spartan was officially opened on March 28th, 2008. God of War is one of my favorite action-adventure games for the Playstation 2 and Kratos makes a great protagonist as well. This site was spawned from me being a hardcore fan of the series and hopefully other fans can gather here as well

The site's title comes from the fact that Kratos was a powerful Spartan warrior within the God of War series

God of War is a third-person action video game, focused on the player using melee attacks, magic abilities, and combinations of that to defeat foes. The player controls Kratos' movements, including jumping, swimming, and climbing, as well as his attacks. Kratos' primary weapon are the Blades of Chaos which can be used in a number of different types of attacks, varying in power, speed, and range of damage.

The game begins with Kratos on the tallest cliff in Greece, lamenting that the gods have abandoned him; hopeless, he throws himself off the cliff into the waves below. The game then shifts to events of the past through flashbacks to describe Kratos' history, and the events of three weeks prior.

Prior to the events in the game, Kratos was the youngest and most promising captain in Sparta's army, quickly gaining recognition due to his violent tactics. One day his army was attacked and dominated by a barbarian tribe that outnumbered them. Moments before being killed by the barbarian king, Kratos summoned Ares, the Greek god of war, and offered his soul in exchange for a victory. He continued to serve Ares until the god tricked him into killing his own family, after which he served several of the Greek gods for a decade. After becoming tired of serving the gods in order to erase the memories of his family's murder he contacted Athena, who offered him forgiveness if he was able to stop Ares' destruction of Athens. After defeating several monsters which were attacking citizens, Kratos saves the city's oracle who tells him to retrieve Pandora's box in order to defeat Ares. Kratos succeeds in this task, but is killed by Ares and sent to Hades. After escaping from the underworld he returns to Athens and confronts Ares, regaining control of Pandora's box and using its power to kill the god. When he discovers that the gods' forgiveness does not include allowing him to forget his mistakes, he attempts suicide, but is stopped by Athena who informs him that he has been granted Ares' throne on Mount Olympus -Wikipedia

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